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Live your dream and gather unforgettable memories as you…

Ride your own elephant like a mahout!

     After learning five simple elephant commands you can bond with your elephant as you ride up into the lush green jungle for a day of never to be forgotten adventure. 

     You’ll experience special ‘elephant’ moments as you ride bare back, feeling the gentile strength of your magnificent new friend. You and your elephant will stop frequently to take in the breath taking panoramic views from on top of the Mae Taeng Mountains

     If you don’t eat your whole lunch on the mountaintop, don’t worry for your elephant will gladly eat the leftovers! Before you say goodbye to your elephant, you’ll share the most intimate part of the whole day! An exciting bath in the river!

     At the end of an exhilarating day you can leave Thai Elephant Home knowing your elephant is healthier and stronger because of your visit.

Your elephant will never forget you!

Come play with our baby elephants

     Experience a day of truly heart-warming moments! Live a day in the life of a mother elephant as you feel a baby elephant’s love, affection and playfulness. Be part of a small group to visit the spectacular location of the Thai Elephant Home Nursery. Spend a day and learn how to care for baby elephants in a private picturesque valley surrounded by lush green jungle. 

     Relax and enjoy the pure air as you drink a refreshing detox tea from a bamboo cup. Help prepare your own delicious jungle lunch from local plants. Play with the baby elephants as you walk them around the valley. At the end of the day give the baby elephants a fun bath in the river!

Touch a baby elephant's heart and they'll touch yours forever!

Socially minded and Eco-friendly

     Thai Elephant Home cares deeply about the Hill Tribe communities and implements programs aimed at improving peoples’ lives and wellbeing. Thai Elephant Home is the most eco-friendly elephant program in the valley. 

     Aware of the challenges and dreams of the Hill Tribe people the Thai Elephant Home reinvests part of its profits back into the community through reforestation, job creation and educational scholarships.

     Thai Elephant Home strives to preserve the local Hill Tribe life style and save the jungle for future generations to see and enjoy. Through its Elephant Nursery the Thai Elephant Home is also looking toward the future by carefully raising the next generation of happy healthy elephants. 

Please Note : 

We are fully booked on :

 1 DAY ELEPHANT RIDING.                                                                 2 HOUR ELEPHANT

     1.July 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st and 23rd, to 30th.                              1.July 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 25th to 31st.

     2.August 2nd to 4th, 6th to 13th, 16th, 21st and 23rd                             2.August 1st.

     3.September  -

     4.October 14th.                

    5.November  -

     6.December 24th to 27th, 29th                   


 ELEPHANT NURSERY.                                                                            All The Best.

      1..July 19th and 26th to 28th.                                                                 1.July 18th.

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