Thai Elephant Home

Thai Elephant Home

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2 Day Combination

2 Day Combination

1 Day :

- We will pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse in Chiang Mai between 07:30 - 8:00.
- Upon arrival you will change into traditional northern style clothing.  You will receive a briefing on elephants during which time you will learn the basic words for controlling your elephant.
- We will pay respect to Ganesh, the Elephant Buddha.
- You will feed your elephant sugar cane to become familiar with your new friend.
- After practicing how to get on and off your elephant, you will ride up into the jungle.
- We will have lunch in the jungle.  All leftovers can go to the elephants so nothing is wasted and no trash is left behind.
- Visit the natural black mud spa to play in the mud with the elephants.  The mud is very good for your skin as well as the elephants’ so enjoy.
- After getting muddy you and your elephant will want to take a bath in the river.  Wash your elephant and have fun swimming!
- Return to the Thai Elephant Home and take a shower.
- Relax the rest of the afternoon.
- Dinner is a traditional mahout B-B-Q of meat roasted over a charcoal along with sticky rice you help prepare and cook in bamboo over the fire.
- Say goodnight to the elephants around 8:00 p.m. when you feed them grass.


2 Day :

- Visit the elephants at 7 a.m. to clean up their areas before feeding them.
- Breakfast between 8:00 – 8:30 where you can make your own toast over a charcoal fire.
- Learn more elephant commands and practice using them.
- Travel by car to the nursery.
- Enjoy a refreshing cup of herbal detox tea prepared in bamboo over a charcoal fire.
- Bond with the elephants as you feed them bananas and sugar cane.
- Play with the baby elephants as you walk around the valley floor.
- Eat a delicious jungle mahout lunch.
- Walk with the elephants along a jungle mountain path as you take photos.
- Join all the elephants in the mud bath for some fun as they splash around.
- Bring the baby elephants to the river and give them a bathe.
- Take a shower and change clothes.
- Eat fresh fruit and say goodbye to the baby elephants.
- Return to Chiang Mai in the afternoon when you are ready.

Price   9,000.00 Baht/Person.


Include : Mahout clothes, transportation, insurance, food, fresh fruit, dvd pictures, video clips and English speaking guides.

Bring : Sun glasses, sun block lotion, insect spray, sandals or flip-flops or water shoes, camera, hat and a change of underwear.

Please note :

Some visitors may experience skin allergies or mild sensitivities as a result of riding the elephants. If you suffer from sensitive skin we recommend that you wear legging style trousers beneath the clothing we provide as an extra precaution.
Due to unforeseen weather conditions, there may be times during the rainy season (May-September) which results in the local river flooding and therefore becoming dangerous to cross. Unfortunately, this may restrict the accessibility to the elephant mud spa area.
Nevertheless, this will not effect the program any further and guests will still have the opportunity to spend one on one with their elephants and enjoy bathing time in a smaller river.
Thai Elephant Home has no control over this situation and can only apologise in advice should the weather prohibit the mud experience.

Children under 6 years pay 500Baht per day.
Children 7 - 12 years 50%.
Children riding alone need to pay full price.